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a hotel renovation strategy Built To Succeed

Our Design & Construction team approaches every project it touches in partnership with the property owner. We view it as a forum for fresh thinking and conversation about generating new ideas and solutions that create maximum asset value; for anticipating issues and managing both resources and costs.
We have an extensive network of industry design and construction experts, and a deep and practical technical knowledge and expertise honed by nearly 40 years of experience. It enables us to execute projects quickly, efficiently and with the high standard of quality that Pivot Hotels & Resorts is known for, all while remaining fiscally responsible.
Every day, our Design & Construction team is faced with a new challenge to deliver great performance (quality) and great economics. It is our belief and commitment that through our unique, personalized approach, we can design and deliver both. And it's working.

The Design and Construction team works in partnership with owners to:

  • Develop and manage all renovation activities and yearly capital expenditure plans
  • Strategize repositioning plans for conversions and renovations
  • Develop and implement special projects to produce favorable ROI
  • Ensure that all properties, in collaboration with developers, meet brand standard requirements and successfully meet brand quality assurance evaluations.

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Phil Miller [pmiller@davidsonhotels.com] | Vice President-Design & Construction