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  • Exterior Shot of Hotel Viking in Newport, Rhode Island

Trust In Our Successful hotel management

Acquisitions & Development of Pivot Hotels & Resorts
What makes for a successful acquisition? Is it the experience of the team? An owners mentality? A proven methodology? Financial acumen? Relentless discipline? For Pivot Hotels & Resorts, the answer is all of the above.
Our Business Development team is intently focused on seeking out quality opportunities in the upper-upscale and near-luxury hotel segments in markets with strong in-place demand. As our growth plan places quality over quantity, it is paramount that each new project is accretive to both our property owner's portfolio, as well as to our own. Therefore, we adhere to a managed growth model that allows us to concentrate greater services against a smaller number of hotels and provide optimal resource scalability and unmatched property-to-regional team ratio.
It also enables us to work hand in hand with owners, lenders, and asset managers to develop strategic operational, capital and exit strategies designed to optimize financial returns and create long-term value enhancement.
As a result, Pivot Hotels & Resorts has become a trusted partner and a preferred operator for some of the industry's largest and most sophisticated owners.

Let's talk about how we can create value for you.


Steve Margol [smargol@davidsonhotels.com] | Chief Investment Officer | Phone: 678.349.0916