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People will always check in, but more often than ever they're also checking out. They check out the decor, the vibe and the differences that make one hotel stand apart from another. For guests, that means innovative amenities and inviting spaces for unique experiences.
For owners, it means the same but with an eye on boosting the bottom line. Our history gives us rock-solid footing. A bold new vision lets us reach for the stars, and the ability to combine them puts us in a space where today's guests live, but no hotel management company currently does.
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Design & Construction
Design & Construction of Pivot Hotels & Resorts
Design & Construction
Our Design & Construction team approaches every project it touches in partnership with the property owner. We view it as a forum for innovative thinking. It's a conversation about generating new ideas and solutions that create maximum asset value; for anticipating issues and managing resources and costs.
Acquisitions & Development
Acquisitions & Development of Pivot Hotels & Resorts, Glendale
Acquisitions & Development
What makes for a successful acquisition? Is it the experience of the team? An owner's mentality? A proven methodology? Financial acumen? Relentless discipline? For Pivot Hotels & Resorts, the answer is all of the above. Our Business Development team is intently focused on seeking out opportunities in the upper-scale and near-luxury hotel segments in markets with strong in-place demand.
Management Services
Management Services of Pivot Hotels & Resorts
Management Services
Pivot's unique entrepreneurial management style has led to a successful "hands-on" approach to property support and oversight by employing a property-to-regional team ratio that is unmatched in the lodging industry. This, combined with our cutting-edge management systems and services, provides thorough and transparent communication.
Shared Services
Shared Services of Pivot Hotels & Resorts, California
Shared Services
If our entrepreneurial management style is the heart of our mission to deliver hospitality and create value for every customer, then our centralized shared services is the backbone that assures we deliver on that promise every day. Consistently. Efficiently. Cost-effectively. And in partnership with each property.
Integrated Marketing
Integrated Marketing of Pivot Hotels & Resorts
Integrated Marketing
Our approach is simply to elevate our hotels' individual messages to a global audience through cohesive, integrated marketing. With intense focus on website development, on and offline marketing, public relations and analytics, the Pivot Hotels and Resorts' approach to marketing is substantial in scope yet always keeping the bottom line in sight.
Core Values
Committed to pushing the envelope, and relentless in our search of guests of the same ilk, we are dedicated to delivering consistent and heartfelt service through inspirational service ideals.
"Our core values are manifest in continuous innovation, exceptional service delivery, revenue generation, and financial responsibility."
- Jeff Toscano, Executive Vice President, Pivot Hotels & Resorts
Be the difference
Celebrate your inner weird
Let love & Intuition inform your decisions
operate with thoughtful urgency
Have each other's backs
Greatness requires risk
Stay hungry stay humble
OUR VISION Pivot's unique perspectives and insights
We will endeavor to provide clients with unique perspectives and insights, new sources of revenue, and honest and forthright relationships based on respect. We will become the rabbit that others in the industry are left to chase, serve each owner's interest as if it is our own and change the face of the hospitality industry, one property at a time.
We will set our foundation atop the rock that Davidson Hotels & Resorts has built and then we will use our energy and passion to help both the storied company from which we were founded and the new enterprise that we now begin to reach heights never thought possible.
SIGNATURES Inspiring Food & Beverage, Approachable
Design & Heartfelt Service
Below, you'll find just a small selection of the many elements that make staying at Pivot Hotels & Resorts an exceptional experience, and which foster a truly special relationship with our travelers.
Inspiring Food & Beverage of Glendale Hotel
Inspiring Food & Beverage
In our restaurants and bars, we create, inspire and tempt hotel guests and locals alike. Whether through partnership with local restauranteurs or self-designed concepts, our hotels are elevated by locally-inspired, culturally relevant dining venues.
Approachable Design of Pivot Hotels & Resorts
Approachable Design
Our design teams approach every project in partnership with the property owner. We view it as a forum for fresh thinking and conversation about generating new ideas and solutions that create maximum asset value while pleasing and delighting our customers.
Intuitive Heartfelt Service of California Hotel
Intuitive Heartfelt Service
The Pivot team will always strive to deliver the right touch at the right time to each and every traveler who walks through our doors.
Effortless Conveniences
Personal content comfortably at guests' fingertips and the most contemporary technology for today's business and leisure traveler.
Commitment to Wellness
We foster an environment where guests and colleagues alike become aware of, and make choices toward, living the most successful and healthful life possible.
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